A day without technology

but summer I’m at incentive you could I describe the day without technology day without technology Adamic knowledge II would be I do not know what to do without apology Wow it would be really hard because why everything was good

alternate technologies I’m face to face instead of through like a computer screen I would say I did it without technology I’d probably be sleeping because

I wouldn’t know what to do nope is like no music no internet I probably be running outside doing errands or something be more productive in my life I would say so probably get a lot more lost because uh I always get lost we have to use Google Maps and call people today without technology now I can’t actually feel like your fees a lot less going on maybe a lot more going on more people outside remember that

when that blackout was everyone just kind of ran around like a they’re crazy and a lot of munch of food water like the world was ending and then it’s kind of had fun together I probably wouldn’t talk to anybody at all except probably mom and dad without as far as

my friends you get we barely do any interaction face to face most of our planning is like you know through cell phone or a people on Facebook you want to do something later today but it’s very easy for me to contact my mom in Somalia some of the things that I could see I get to do with technology because I don’t see her anymore okay a day without taking up that would suck but at the same time

I think it would be really relaxing because I don’t have to feel obligated to respond to anyone’s messages I don’t have to call my boss I don’t have to I don’t know I feel like I’m less nagged if I didn’t have technology for a day that would be nice he’ll write a letter I don’t know I think that would be pretty crazy I used to acknowledge II every day I mean just before you asked me to do this interview my phone yeah I think I think that’d be pretty pretty crazy now just be

at the beach all day again you can go first Nathan I don’t know I think I like it the technology involves a lot of computations I think well the only way you would be able to communicate would be just face-to-face just technically anything we consider technology and pencils technology in a way hunting and gathering berries and hunting for fish and

I’d probably not talk to my family at all or ride a horse to go talk to my family so that’s the wheel in a fire and without tools and that would be a very difficult day no I can’t you would be miserable a day without technology a pretty boring dance though it’s not so so much my communication with people I think is so much it’s a vital part of my research activity you know it’d be different for the people that

I don’t live nearby it’s difficult you know getting contact with them but as for my roommates that’s that really wouldn’t change you know people I see at school a lot that wouldn’t change as much but I don’t know I’m a big texter so that he didn’t felt probably left me to come off well I’d probably lose weight because I’d have to walk up and down the stairs it would be a lot more personal right now you know you just snapchat just came out you can text anyone you can call anyone but it’s never really face to face and so

communication I think would be a lot more emotional because you see people at purses oh I get handful for him it would be horrible for me I mean I wake up turn on the TV right away browse the Internet chaotic I wouldn’t know what to do with myself feel like there every single second oh I think the college he destroys the process socialization I think that I can easily go back to not having cellphones because I would like to not be like expected to answer a phone whenever somebody calls I’d like to have an excuse that I wasn’t by it definitely I would have to do a lot more walking I would have to have more face to face conversation team that I a my work really depends on on technology Oh you

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