AGM Battery Technology

Johnson Controls has developed one of the most advanced absorbing glass mat or AGM batteries available we engineered it to deliver superior power and performance that support the electrical demands of vehicles today and tomorrow our AGM batteries provide up to twice

the life of standard flooded batteries their nonce fillable vibration resistant and manufacture to the most stringent requirements here’s how we build a better battery from the inside out our AGM battery cases are stronger because they’re made from reinforced polypropylene composite material that holds the components under compression

for the life of the battery every component is made from the highest quality materials creating a better more powerful battery from the inside out our proprietary negative paste accepts a charge quicker so the battery recharges faster our high-density positive paste improves cycling performance for high accessory applications and the thick AGM separator is made of glass microfibers which absorb the acid and prevent spilling here’s the heart of our AGM battery

the Johnson Controls patented power frame grid technology is structurally strong and more corrosion resistant than any other grid construction the result is superior cranking power over the life of the battery and our clean construction manufacturing processes use 20% less energy and produce 20% fewer greenhouse gases in addition

we use power frame technology in the negative grid to deliver consistent performance each cell of the battery is made up of positive and negative plates along with the AGM separator all are tightly compressed to hold the paste on the grids this improves cycling vibration resistance and extends battery life then as

the battery is filled with acid the thick AGM separators evenly absorb and contain the acid so you can install the battery in any position without spilling our exclusive dual sealed valve assembly is made of engineered rubber which resists breakdown and maintains a recombinant environment inside the battery it’s literally a self-contained battery ecosystem if there is a pressure buildup our innovative venting system safely releases the gas in a controlled manner and tightly reseals maintaining the integrity of the battery system tamper resistant caps seal the case ensuring a maintenance-free environment Johnson Controls AGM technology engineered to provide the comfort reliability and convenience that powers your lifestyle on the road

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