Assistive Technology in Action – Meet Sam

I am a play I give glycol gone here skiing every window I am in a blogger I play sport rock quick tango I will be like FIFA and in high school I played body a logic works psycho flow high and sulfur

hi I’m Sam graves and I concur I’m Minneapolis Community and mega cried gun on Minneapolis because I hope Sahaba padding and I usually again I use assistive technology to help me out I used my IP are my computer and my voice we quarrel we fly

I use my IPIN my voice behold cocaine note I am a who will kick notes for me but now I can keep my own logs this is my opinion lemme turn one of my favorite art I know this artist wakeful week wine kitchen like shirts and on typing my a nose on this is Adam wakeful on recording my homework assignments like when I have work papers SIA is an example here’s the gory details so

I thought associates names with valium values and when I thought called the finding environment an environment is just a list that Associates a game and it I use a lot I use the kanga which allowed me week my work on my IPO like for example wine now I am winning my book for my anger cultural communication class on my IPA I like the king out more than and when you book because for me it is easy a queen books on the computer and seek a gap in print down lan-evo then I waited up will go carry along this is a gig cycle waste week one and I’m mainly I use this I come on we called lectures and sometimes I use it to week all my homework assignment i-i’ll ein my King knology but I’m always loving for the leg extend color Peter King Mulligan when I’m longing for no c’mon maybe I usually don’t go online or with your body in the nose excuse me you back i up to go buy a black box before I call on my night class you

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