Audi Lighting Technology – “Illuminating the Future”

in the absence of light there is but only darkness reflected light is the only way we see the world around us the quality efficiency and delivery method of light

determines how accurately we process the information our I see so for Audi light is everything since headlights were lit with fire to the tungsten filament bulb OD has had its place at the forefront of auto light technology usually deriving from innovations made for

its professional race teams outies latest tech keeps it in a leadership position with Zenon technology having peaked some time ago most people now know of the advantages in LED light better efficiency lifespan quality of light but when other car makers could only show

concepts how D was the first to market with LED headlights in the 2010 r8 and that moment sparked the beginning of a new revolution in auto lighting which out he calls the matrix LED system matrix LED headlights on the a8 contained 50 small LEDs which are individually and automatically

controlled by the vehicle’s onboard sensors blinding light from an oncoming Audi vehicle can be a thing of the past as the matrix LED system tracks the vehicle selectively turns off the LEDs just inside the oncoming vehicles field of view and seamlessly turns them back on as the vehicle exits the lights line-of-sight matrix LED headlights can also be linked to GPS and adjust

lighting direction to the curvature of the road this isn’t just hypothetical concept tech outside the US it’s innovation available right now never satisfied with the status quo outtie is a leader in the effort to bring this groundbreaking tech in the US and in typical Audi fashion innovation doesn’t stop and wait for the world to catch up instead

outtie is investing in even newer forward-thinking like technology laser lighting matrix laser light takes the matrix concept further by promising increased efficiency precision and rode distance vision never before thought possible while LED headlights have up to 50 segments to individually control Laser headlights can have over 100,000 individually controlled illuminated segments for ultimate precision imagine not just being able to warn a pedestrian of the vehicles presence but being able to detect a potential outside hazard to the pedestrian and digitally paint a warning directly in front of them that along with doubling nighttime visibility are just some of the ways laser light continues the Audi tradition of pioneering the auto industry this is the future illuminated this is out

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