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Assistive Technology in Action – Meet Sam

I am a play I give glycol gone here skiing every window I am in a blogger I play sport rock quick tango I will be like FIFA and in high school I played body a logic works psycho flow high and sulfur

hi I’m Sam graves and I concur I’m Minneapolis Community and mega cried gun on Minneapolis because I hope Sahaba padding and I usually again I use assistive technology to help me out I used my IP are my computer and my voice we quarrel we fly

I use my IPIN my voice behold cocaine note I am a who will kick notes for me but now I can keep my own logs this is my opinion lemme turn one of my favorite art I know this artist wakeful week wine kitchen like shirts and on typing my a nose on this is Adam wakeful on recording my homework assignments like when I have work papers SIA is an example here’s the gory details so

I thought associates names with valium values and when I thought called the finding environment an environment is just a list that Associates a game and it I use a lot I use the kanga which allowed me week my work on my IPO like for example wine now I am winning my book for my anger cultural communication class on my IPA I like the king out more than and when you book because for me it is easy a queen books on the computer and seek a gap in print down lan-evo then I waited up will go carry along this is a gig cycle waste week one and I’m mainly I use this I come on we called lectures and sometimes I use it to week all my homework assignment i-i’ll ein my King knology but I’m always loving for the leg extend color Peter King Mulligan when I’m longing for no c’mon maybe I usually don’t go online or with your body in the nose excuse me you back i up to go buy a black box before I call on my night class you

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Information Technology Management

hi I’m Todd and an information technology student here at another time it’s a two year AAS degree in information technology management the possibility for getting a job in that field is great right now and it’s only going to get better as time goes on

we’re much more competitive than a lot of people can think and we can offer a lot of interesting programs to pretty much anybody in Linux

we’re going to be using the command line the reasons our program is so great and successful is the courses that we offer our core curriculum networking technologies programming logic project management and an integrated capstone class those classes are a great foundation to make the next cell and exceed in the marketplace what I particularly want to do systems analysis was you know

something that wasn’t really offered anywhere else when it comes to software they’re always trying to research new trends and always trying to be just one step ahead compared to other schools we were created from industry it wasn’t that the college decided let’s have an IT program it was actually the industry around us that came to the College they had concerns that

they were not finding employees that had the skill sets they were looking for and so they came to the college and the college partnered with them and what they built was our current i2 program so we are still to this day controlled largely by the industry around us and our Advisory Committee so far I’m having a great experience I know the instructors are you know right there hands on one on one they really know their stuff there people have worked in the fields before so they know what

they’re talking about so you get a lot of practical knowledge so we’re gonna go and perform the labs in the back and forth we are part of the apple development program so our students are building apps for both sides of the world and they are so excited to be doing this because this is the direction that everything is moving and it’s everywhere it’s hard to think of a job that does not have some reliance on an IT infrastructure in the background so it positions them when they get into an organization they can move up faster and more easily because of that broad skill set Oh

GE Builds Magnetic Refrigeration Technology

though it sounds new and amazing has actually been around for a while the history runs back over a hundred years the effect was discovered around the turn of the century and they even won

a Nobel Prize around 1900 for achieving a very low temperature but for a long time the materials just didn’t have the power or the effects that were needed to do much useful things and that’s why most people haven’t heard of it

around 20 years ago some people started discovering a new class of material a new alloy a new alloys that are much more useful around room temperature things like refrigerators and air conditioners they operate in a range around room temperature that materials didn’t really reach before so

when that happened people started really focusing on this technology is a potential replacer for the current refrigeration technologies that again have been around for about a hundred years themselves here in Louisville Kentucky we started looking at this and GE about ten years ago and

it started off as a research project as a really a potentially disruptive technology and then when it started to show more focus we moved into prototypes and eventually we brought it back here and really started focusing on in this lab as a potential replacer for all the refrigeration technology that we have so the reason we’re looking at this magnetic refrigeration

technology is one it gets rid of those refrigerants and to it just in general has a higher efficiency we’re predicting right now that this technology will have something like twenty to thirty percent efficiency increase over the current compressor technology and that’s a huge step wise increase when you consider that for basically the past 100 years the only major technology that’s been out there is that compressor technology so this is really kind of the wave of the future and I think and we do you think too that this is going to be how you keep your food cold for maybe the next 100 years

A Short Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Band

It’s a tradition for every couple to wear a wedding ring as a symbol of love and unity for each other. The
wedding ring is jewellery that you would want to wear for the rest of your life, so you must choose the
best wedding band out there. We came up with a short guide to help you find that perfect wedding ring.
Just like any other jewellery or things that you like to purchase, you must come up with a budget. While
you are planning for your wedding expenses, make sure to allocate enough budget for your wedding
ring as this will be a lifetime investment. It will be fine to be practical when deciding on how much you
are going to spend for the different aspects of your wedding, but not with your wedding ring.

The wedding ring is something that you will need to wear on a daily basis, so you need to purchase a durable
wedding band. Considering that you will be wearing these wedding bands for a lifetime then it will be
perfect to spend a little more for your wedding ring compared to your other pieces of jewellery. There
are many options to choose for your wedding rings like the expensive metals such as gold and platinum,
but there are also alternative metals such as titanium and tungsten that are equally elegant looking and
durable in a lot lower price.

Next is considering the size and shape of your wedding ring. Make sure to choose a size and shape that
will match your engagement ring as you will be wearing your your matching with the mens wedding rings too. It will be
nice to select a size that is similar to your engagement ring, so there will be no contrast of size and both
rings are noticeable. You don’t want to dominate one ring to the other.

Next is choosing the perfect metal. Ideally, you should choose a wedding ring with the same colour and
metal as your engagement ring. It will definitely not look classy if the two rings are in opposite colours. If
your engagement ring is a white gold metal, then you need to purchase platinum or a white gold metal
wedding ring. When choosing a metal for your wedding ring, your budget comes in. If you have that
enough budget, then you may option your ring with the precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold,
rose gold, or platinum, then don’t hesitate and go for it. However, if you are on a tight budget but still
want your ring to be elegant and durable, then you may opt for alternative metal like tungsten carbide

Lastly is shop together as a couple. Most of the different aspects of the wedding are decided by the
bride while the groom is always supporting his spouse-to- be in all her decisions. However, when it
comes to choosing a wedding ring, the design and cost should be decided by the two of you. The couple
must choose what ring that fits both of them and most importantly if it is comfortable to wear. Shopping
together is also a good time to bond and unwind as a couple and forget for a while the stressful
moments while planning for your wedding day.

AGM Battery Technology

Johnson Controls has developed one of the most advanced absorbing glass mat or AGM batteries available we engineered it to deliver superior power and performance that support the electrical demands of vehicles today and tomorrow our AGM batteries provide up to twice

the life of standard flooded batteries their nonce fillable vibration resistant and manufacture to the most stringent requirements here’s how we build a better battery from the inside out our AGM battery cases are stronger because they’re made from reinforced polypropylene composite material that holds the components under compression

for the life of the battery every component is made from the highest quality materials creating a better more powerful battery from the inside out our proprietary negative paste accepts a charge quicker so the battery recharges faster our high-density positive paste improves cycling performance for high accessory applications and the thick AGM separator is made of glass microfibers which absorb the acid and prevent spilling here’s the heart of our AGM battery

the Johnson Controls patented power frame grid technology is structurally strong and more corrosion resistant than any other grid construction the result is superior cranking power over the life of the battery and our clean construction manufacturing processes use 20% less energy and produce 20% fewer greenhouse gases in addition

we use power frame technology in the negative grid to deliver consistent performance each cell of the battery is made up of positive and negative plates along with the AGM separator all are tightly compressed to hold the paste on the grids this improves cycling vibration resistance and extends battery life then as

the battery is filled with acid the thick AGM separators evenly absorb and contain the acid so you can install the battery in any position without spilling our exclusive dual sealed valve assembly is made of engineered rubber which resists breakdown and maintains a recombinant environment inside the battery it’s literally a self-contained battery ecosystem if there is a pressure buildup our innovative venting system safely releases the gas in a controlled manner and tightly reseals maintaining the integrity of the battery system tamper resistant caps seal the case ensuring a maintenance-free environment Johnson Controls AGM technology engineered to provide the comfort reliability and convenience that powers your lifestyle on the road

Job Opportunities in Engineering Technology

the job opportunities are amazing I had two or three internship offers for last summer and wound up with three solid job offers coming into

May when I graduate we’ve had 100% job placement within six months of graduation for the last seven years our students are really well sought after we’ve got students all over the country our students don’t have a lot of difficulties finding jobs even

when we had a really rough job market a few years ago most of our students had full-time jobs lined up before the end of the summer this is a great feel for a young person to be in engineering technology is also gender neutral as long as you have an inquisitive mind it

doesn’t take boot or brawn to be an engineer the University of Maine is a great reputation and you know I think from what I’ve seen the graduates from the University of Maine I work with I think three or four MIT students directly and they’ve gotten excellent feedback to the point where they’re seeking out others that are kind of replicas of them because they have been so successful

a lot of places will strictly take interviews from the University of Maine a lot of people came from the University of Maine so their alumni and so they had a great time here and they are really successful so they know that we get the proper training and they’re excited to have you Maine graduates at in my experience to work for them

we have companies that are constantly in contact with us and sponsor us and support us and do what they can because they just really appreciate and really want our students there’s a lot of people over 40 in the industry that will be retiring in the next 20 years and we’re only going to be building more in the future not less so definitely a need for replacement in the industry and plenty of room for growth we know from ASCE

which is American sided civil engineer that there is there’s definitely a lack of engineers and that’s what is needed and we we need to continue to educate students in this field that’s how we as a country America

that’s how we’re going to maintain competitiveness in a global arena is really optimizing manufacturing methods if you can produce the same amount of parts with fewer people because you’ve got more automation you’ve got more sophisticated machine tool technology your processes are more advanced that’s really what you get geared up to or exposed to here at the University of Maine in an engineering technology program

I can’t wait I’ve been applying for jobs everywhere and I’m just waiting to find that one job that really interests me and I’m really willing I’m comfortable enough that it could be anything I’ve got my eyes open for all sorts of fields and I just never really felt so excited to go on and do something and start a career

A day without technology

but summer I’m at incentive you could I describe the day without technology day without technology Adamic knowledge II would be I do not know what to do without apology Wow it would be really hard because why everything was good

alternate technologies I’m face to face instead of through like a computer screen I would say I did it without technology I’d probably be sleeping because

I wouldn’t know what to do nope is like no music no internet I probably be running outside doing errands or something be more productive in my life I would say so probably get a lot more lost because uh I always get lost we have to use Google Maps and call people today without technology now I can’t actually feel like your fees a lot less going on maybe a lot more going on more people outside remember that

when that blackout was everyone just kind of ran around like a they’re crazy and a lot of munch of food water like the world was ending and then it’s kind of had fun together I probably wouldn’t talk to anybody at all except probably mom and dad without as far as

my friends you get we barely do any interaction face to face most of our planning is like you know through cell phone or a people on Facebook you want to do something later today but it’s very easy for me to contact my mom in Somalia some of the things that I could see I get to do with technology because I don’t see her anymore okay a day without taking up that would suck but at the same time

I think it would be really relaxing because I don’t have to feel obligated to respond to anyone’s messages I don’t have to call my boss I don’t have to I don’t know I feel like I’m less nagged if I didn’t have technology for a day that would be nice he’ll write a letter I don’t know I think that would be pretty crazy I used to acknowledge II every day I mean just before you asked me to do this interview my phone yeah I think I think that’d be pretty pretty crazy now just be

at the beach all day again you can go first Nathan I don’t know I think I like it the technology involves a lot of computations I think well the only way you would be able to communicate would be just face-to-face just technically anything we consider technology and pencils technology in a way hunting and gathering berries and hunting for fish and

I’d probably not talk to my family at all or ride a horse to go talk to my family so that’s the wheel in a fire and without tools and that would be a very difficult day no I can’t you would be miserable a day without technology a pretty boring dance though it’s not so so much my communication with people I think is so much it’s a vital part of my research activity you know it’d be different for the people that

I don’t live nearby it’s difficult you know getting contact with them but as for my roommates that’s that really wouldn’t change you know people I see at school a lot that wouldn’t change as much but I don’t know I’m a big texter so that he didn’t felt probably left me to come off well I’d probably lose weight because I’d have to walk up and down the stairs it would be a lot more personal right now you know you just snapchat just came out you can text anyone you can call anyone but it’s never really face to face and so

communication I think would be a lot more emotional because you see people at purses oh I get handful for him it would be horrible for me I mean I wake up turn on the TV right away browse the Internet chaotic I wouldn’t know what to do with myself feel like there every single second oh I think the college he destroys the process socialization I think that I can easily go back to not having cellphones because I would like to not be like expected to answer a phone whenever somebody calls I’d like to have an excuse that I wasn’t by it definitely I would have to do a lot more walking I would have to have more face to face conversation team that I a my work really depends on on technology Oh you

Scary Surveillance Technologies

Pre-Crime Cameras Thermal imaging cameras that monitor pulse rates & facial expressions of potential criminals. They recognise normal behaviour & alert human guides to suspicious activity.

. EyeSee mannequin Cameras fitted in the eyes of store mannequins record customer movements. The dummies help stores catch thieves & record customer demographics.

. Online Fantasy Games U.S. & British authorities use World of Warcraft avatars to monitor suspects. The games are used to identify, approach & locate potential terrorists.

. Laptops Monitor Facial Surveillance Researchers are creating laptops which recognise tiny facial expressions. They will monitor employee fatigue & conduct market research.

. IDair fingerprint monitor An in-development monitor that detects fingerprints from 20ft away. Allows the military to check identities from safety & replaces ID cards to access buildings.

. Offline Laptops Devices fitted to computers send out information even when they’re offline. The NSA fitted ,000 machines to devices that emitted data through radio waves.

. Laser Microphones Spies shine lasers at windows to capture sound vibrations. Used to find Bin Laden, a device catches reflections & translates them back to sound.

. ARGUS-IS A 1.8 gigapixel camera built for the Pentagon tracks individuals from 4 miles above. Attached to a UAV, it monitors movement over 40 sq km at a time.

. Spying household appliances The CIA use online smart appliances to track owners’ movements & location. Geolocation data can also be hacked into by thieves to work out times to break in.

. RFID Microchips A tiny chip implanted into the arm electronically tracks and identifies wearers. Created to monitor soldiers on the front line and help find Missing People.

Amazing Future Kitchen Technology

Vsauce! Kevin here. Tellspec is a new scanner that will tell you exactly what’s in your food. The company claims their spectrometer technology will give you a breakdown of the chemical makeup of food including allergens or pesticides and will also give you calorie and fat information.

All by shooting a laser and sending the data of the refracted light to servers that analyze it and produce the results on a smart device.

Cornell Creative Machines Lab is developing a 3D food printer that uses edible inks and electronic blueprints. They’ve printed a space shuttle scallop nugget and cakes with hidden messages inside – and have created new printing techniques to add texture called squiggle printing. Meanwhile, these designs for digital gastronomy including a chocolatier to make your own custom chocolate candies.

To help perfect growing your own herbs or vegetables there’s Parrot Flower Power – a sensor that monitors sunlight, air temperature, and soil moisture. It connects to a smart device and its database of over 7,000 plants helps you maintain the perfect conditions for healthy growth.

HAPIfork is designed to slow down eating to help users lose weight. The electronic fork vibrates when you’re eating too fast and monitors your eating habits including how long your meals last, how many bites you take and allows you to set goals to follow your progress after each meal.

The Kitchen Safe is a time lock container to help people curb their cravings. Place junk food or other items you want to avoid inside, set the timer and be locked out without any way of getting inside until the timer goes off. As part of their 2020 innovations initiative, Whirlpool unveiled this interactive cooktop concept.

It uses an induction surface and augmented reality to combine social media with a dynamic stove top. And the time and temperature of the virtual burners automatically adjust when you place a pot or pan depending upon the recipe you’ve selected. The iGrill is a wireless smart thermometer that tells you when your meat is perfectly cooked.

It connects to a smart device and allows you to select presets depending on the type of meat and how you like it cooked – and then it simply alerts you when it’s ready. Refrigerated watermelon stroller! The Electroxlux Design Lab has introduced some incredible new kitchen concepts including Kitchen Hub to manage your food, help you eat healthier and avoid food waste.

The augmented reality smart ring can store and monitor individual diets, offer recipes with the food you have and allowing you to shop online to instantly order things you don’t. Global Chef is a social kitchen appliance concept that uses laser holograms to bring people together. The idea is not only to be able to cook with distant friends and family but also take cooking lessons from top chefs.

Home 2025 is GE’s realistic vision of future home appliances and includes a compact, window-mounted urban grill, a smart faucet that tells you how hydrated you are, and a food disposal that compresses food scraps into compost pellets. So 3D print some food with your hologram chef and lock your homegrown vegetables in a kitchen safe to eat later with your smart fork. And as always – thanks for watching.

Road To Becoming a 25 Bravo, Information Technology Specialist

networking somehow speaking okay sir what are we doing today my name is Tom first class Kevin house do you have the t1 cable plugged in right now as a 25 Bravo information technology specialist in

the Army we do it all we do hardware we do software we do networking what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and write it race it this field information technology specialist was appealing because

it’s new it’s cutting edge technology is constantly changing so I want to be a part of that in the army I’ve developed a lot of different skills so I went through 17 weeks of training for information technology specialists then I went to my first duty assignment and then your duty assignments

you will learn more about the job because you’ll do more hands-on in the military you’re constantly being school a lot of training hands-on with some of the newest technology out there Microsoft Cisco the UNIX the army is keeping pace with the changes of technology this warehouse is full of old equipment that we’ve taken off the network I’ve been able to take advantage of a lot of these

certifications that are specific to my job the security plus certification from come ti the A+ certification the Network+ certification the mcitp specializing in Windows 7 client the MCTS the MCSA which is your Microsoft Certified system administrator with the amount of certifications I received while being in the Army paid for by the army I don’t think I would have any problem relating to

working with any company that was hiring an IT specialist or network analyst what I love most about my job is the fact that I’m working alongside some of the industry’s top level Network analysts and I’m performing that same job that they’re performing as a soldier the network that we’re working on is a huge network it’s worldwide and we’re dealing with over 1,300 recruited stations on a day to day basis

we take care of all the maintenance all of the troubleshooting the configuring the setting up and we do it on a daily basis and that keeps us pretty busy we’re on those front lines building those networks and making sure that our battle buddies can talk can communicate what we want to do is make sure we plug in port for X I plan to stay in the army and retire because this is just a very career I love it so I’m able to transition our army as we move along in the new technology phase and I’m one of the pioneers in that change and I’m making a difference