GE Builds Magnetic Refrigeration Technology

though it sounds new and amazing has actually been around for a while the history runs back over a hundred years the effect was discovered around the turn of the century and they even won

a Nobel Prize around 1900 for achieving a very low temperature but for a long time the materials just didn’t have the power or the effects that were needed to do much useful things and that’s why most people haven’t heard of it

around 20 years ago some people started discovering a new class of material a new alloy a new alloys that are much more useful around room temperature things like refrigerators and air conditioners they operate in a range around room temperature that materials didn’t really reach before so

when that happened people started really focusing on this technology is a potential replacer for the current refrigeration technologies that again have been around for about a hundred years themselves here in Louisville Kentucky we started looking at this and GE about ten years ago and

it started off as a research project as a really a potentially disruptive technology and then when it started to show more focus we moved into prototypes and eventually we brought it back here and really started focusing on in this lab as a potential replacer for all the refrigeration technology that we have so the reason we’re looking at this magnetic refrigeration

technology is one it gets rid of those refrigerants and to it just in general has a higher efficiency we’re predicting right now that this technology will have something like twenty to thirty percent efficiency increase over the current compressor technology and that’s a huge step wise increase when you consider that for basically the past 100 years the only major technology that’s been out there is that compressor technology so this is really kind of the wave of the future and I think and we do you think too that this is going to be how you keep your food cold for maybe the next 100 years

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