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hi I’m Todd and an information technology student here at another time it’s a two year AAS degree in information technology management the possibility for getting a job in that field is great right now and it’s only going to get better as time goes on

we’re much more competitive than a lot of people can think and we can offer a lot of interesting programs to pretty much anybody in Linux

we’re going to be using the command line the reasons our program is so great and successful is the courses that we offer our core curriculum networking technologies programming logic project management and an integrated capstone class those classes are a great foundation to make the next cell and exceed in the marketplace what I particularly want to do systems analysis was you know

something that wasn’t really offered anywhere else when it comes to software they’re always trying to research new trends and always trying to be just one step ahead compared to other schools we were created from industry it wasn’t that the college decided let’s have an IT program it was actually the industry around us that came to the College they had concerns that

they were not finding employees that had the skill sets they were looking for and so they came to the college and the college partnered with them and what they built was our current i2 program so we are still to this day controlled largely by the industry around us and our Advisory Committee so far I’m having a great experience I know the instructors are you know right there hands on one on one they really know their stuff there people have worked in the fields before so they know what

they’re talking about so you get a lot of practical knowledge so we’re gonna go and perform the labs in the back and forth we are part of the apple development program so our students are building apps for both sides of the world and they are so excited to be doing this because this is the direction that everything is moving and it’s everywhere it’s hard to think of a job that does not have some reliance on an IT infrastructure in the background so it positions them when they get into an organization they can move up faster and more easily because of that broad skill set Oh

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