Job Opportunities in Engineering Technology

the job opportunities are amazing I had two or three internship offers for last summer and wound up with three solid job offers coming into

May when I graduate we’ve had 100% job placement within six months of graduation for the last seven years our students are really well sought after we’ve got students all over the country our students don’t have a lot of difficulties finding jobs even

when we had a really rough job market a few years ago most of our students had full-time jobs lined up before the end of the summer this is a great feel for a young person to be in engineering technology is also gender neutral as long as you have an inquisitive mind it

doesn’t take boot or brawn to be an engineer the University of Maine is a great reputation and you know I think from what I’ve seen the graduates from the University of Maine I work with I think three or four MIT students directly and they’ve gotten excellent feedback to the point where they’re seeking out others that are kind of replicas of them because they have been so successful

a lot of places will strictly take interviews from the University of Maine a lot of people came from the University of Maine so their alumni and so they had a great time here and they are really successful so they know that we get the proper training and they’re excited to have you Maine graduates at in my experience to work for them

we have companies that are constantly in contact with us and sponsor us and support us and do what they can because they just really appreciate and really want our students there’s a lot of people over 40 in the industry that will be retiring in the next 20 years and we’re only going to be building more in the future not less so definitely a need for replacement in the industry and plenty of room for growth we know from ASCE

which is American sided civil engineer that there is there’s definitely a lack of engineers and that’s what is needed and we we need to continue to educate students in this field that’s how we as a country America

that’s how we’re going to maintain competitiveness in a global arena is really optimizing manufacturing methods if you can produce the same amount of parts with fewer people because you’ve got more automation you’ve got more sophisticated machine tool technology your processes are more advanced that’s really what you get geared up to or exposed to here at the University of Maine in an engineering technology program

I can’t wait I’ve been applying for jobs everywhere and I’m just waiting to find that one job that really interests me and I’m really willing I’m comfortable enough that it could be anything I’ve got my eyes open for all sorts of fields and I just never really felt so excited to go on and do something and start a career

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