How Can Product Videos And Interactive Media Lead To An Effective Branding Strategy 

Whether you are selling your services or products, the ubiquitous product videos can either make or break the moment for your potential customers. A genuinely brilliant product video both inspires and informs viewers to focus their entire attention to it.

With each year, video marketing seems to get bigger and bigger in the online marketing trend. If you are the owner of a small business, there’s a whole lot of compelling evidence which points that video marketing on the web should be your major focus in 2015 and onwards.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of a one minute video translates to roughly 1.8 million words or roughly 3,600 webpages. Now, writing 1.8 million words would require on an average one web page per hour or 150 days of writing.

A recent report by MarketingProfs revealed that 70% of online marketing professionals witnessed more conversions with effective productive videos. If these reasons are not enough to build your brand with product videos, here are four great reasons to join the bandwagon.

  1. Define your purpose

Would you prefer to read a lengthy book, or watch an interesting movie? This may vary from person to person, but as far as interactive videos are concerned, the average consumer will know you better through an interesting short video instead of scrolling through the never ending pages on your website. Videos can keep your audience glued. A defined purpose while creating a video will save you money, effort and time since you’ll be targeting your audience with simple messages. The videos, as a result, will be shorter and easily comprehensible. With targeted messages that are well-crafted, you’ll be on your way to get a better return on your investment.

  1. Know the stats well

If you don’t use interactive media like audio and visuals to promote your brand, know the facts and importance of product videos which have been outlined briefly at the beginning of the article. The amount of business owners who promoted their brand through powerful videos went up by 75% in 2014. A report by the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media stated that videos embedded in emails can be a robust tool, with 88% stating that email with integrated video enhances the performance of a campaign.

  1. Inform your target audience

While producing product videos and interactive media, you are not only marketing and building your brand, but also but also creating strong business relationships with your potential customers. Creating great videos and informing your audience about them builds trust and faith between you and your customers, which creates a huge following. This is one of the fastest and easiest techniques to inform your audience about your products and services.

  1. Hear back

Effective video marketing can help you get in touch with your target audience, and also hear from them what they like or dislike about your product or business. Your customers can also give you inputs what they want more from you. This helps you attune your brand to suit your demographic in a better way.

With more than 90% of people watching product videos for gaining a better understanding of the services and products, interactive media and videos have taken the world by storm and at present ruling the roost.


Media Tips: Becoming Smart about Video Gaming

Don’t purchase a game that doesn’t enable you to disable chat. Children of very early age do not need entry to this kind of interaction.

Video gaming has become a common form of entertainment and it’s everywhere. This article includes tricks that will assist you get the most out of your time and energy spent gaming.

These hints can assist you develop into a better video game player. This short article should guide you to the wide realm of video gaming. The above tips can better your game more if you’re a seasoned player.

Consider developing a special, dedicated location for young children to take part in gaming. When they’re playing and you may be in need of a silent and quiet place, it may get loud. Create a region where your kids can have fun and employ a TV without troubling you.

Play games for not more than a number of hours daily. Limit your gaming time to 2 or 3 hours a day.

Isolate a room in the house for the child to experience games. Video games have ratings.

It’s crucial that you try multiple genres of games. Many gamers think that they are excellent at one kind of game. Checking out all sorts of online games can be a fun and fantastic way to enjoy your gaming experience.

It can be difficult to listen to dialogue across the other loud sounds in the game. Many video gaming provide an options menu which enables you to modify the audio settings.

These hints can assist you develop into a better video game player.

If you intend to purchase used games, pick-up a disc-cleaning kit. Used games generally have scratches as well as a large amount of dust. A cleaning kit should help the discs to work efficiently.

Be sure your graphic drivers are updated. You may visit the manufacturer’s website to see if you can find updates available.

You might like to consider consoles over computers for video games when you have children. Typically, it is possible to regulate their gaming much more about consoles through various privacy and security settings. They may have a lot more protected experience on a dedicated console system.

Auction sites normally have good deals on online games. Simply search the web to get the best deals on games.

Video games have ratings. Simply search the web to get the best deals on games. When you have children, you might like to consider consoles over computers for video games. Checking out all sorts of online games can be a fun and fantastic way to enjoy your gaming experience.

interactive media

The journey through Interactive Media

Do you know interactive media combines art, design and technology? It’s a specialized field that employs artists, writers and creative thinkers who have advanced skills in digital storytelling, programming, graphics and visual designing.

It is about understanding the aspects of human-media interaction; conceiving an ideology; and developing it into a program or application for information, entertainment or any other specific purpose. It means the ready product can be anything, including a video game, an animation or a mobile app.

Interactive media management is not only about developing interactive media products. Rather it is about creating the overall look and feel, with the use of graphics, text, sound, animation and visual effects, to enhance the user experience.

It wasn’t long ago when this concept primarily referred to website development and computer game designing. However, with the emergence of and fast advancements in mobile technology, it quickly changed its definition. The rise of smart phones and tablets has brought gaming, education, travel guides, navigation apps and other interactive applications into our pockets. It further resulted in personalized marketing, which ultimately led to a significant increase in the need for interactive media professionals.

With constantly advancing interactive technology and new media innovations almost every day, it’s become difficult for businesses to keep up. They are continuously on a lookout for talented professionals who not only possess sound technical skills but also understand the human psyche. After all, interactive media is all about human-media interaction.

This particular sector already employs thousands of artists, storytellers, creative thinkers and technologists. However, the sector is expected to grow leaps and bounds in the years to come, opening doors to plenty of innovative job opportunities. Although there are no set academic requirements to seek an entry to the world of work but most professionals are graduates.

And this is what gives rise to competition in the job market. This sector has a very low number of professionals who have undergone advanced studies. Therefore, completing an interactive media management program can really boost your career. There is no denying that experience is highly valued. But qualifications also play a critical role in your selection for a job or career advancement.

A media management program will leverage your existing skills as well as equip you with new skills, preparing you for careers in content production, digital strategy, digital project management, and media development. You will also acquire effective narrative and managerial skills, with an in-depth understanding of industry, processes, job roles, documentation and technology selection.

Even if you have spent years in digital media, going back to the college will enhance your chances of employment. The best part is that you’ll be exposed to other career options that you may be unaware of. With all this, you also undergo an intense industry field placement within the course duration, which dramatically increases your employment likelihood.

Various colleges can give you the chance to upgrade your knowledge and skills and opportunities to switch or advance your career. You will be connected to professionals working in similar, related or other industries. It’s never too late to learn and progress.