Technology Acceptance Model

why do people use technology well one theory to explain this is called the technology acceptance model and that’s a model that tries to explain why people would choose to use a particular technology in a work context the
theory states that they do so because

they find the technology useful for the work and easy to use now to understand this theory you have to consider when was actually developed the theory was developed in the late 1980s when we had technologies such as email and word processing systems and

they could replace systems such as writing a letter by hand it’s important to understand that the theory says very little about the technology itself what it says a lot about is what we believe or what we perceive this technology to be in other words whether technology is actually useful or actually easy to use is not a matter of the technology but a matter of our perceptions and this may change obviously so

depending on how much experience you have how old you are what gender you are the perceptions of a particular piece of technology say Knife own say mobile device or a tablet computer changes not because the technology is different but because you and I are different now what are the limitations of the technology acceptance model number one it assumes that people plan their behavior and that

they’re rational in their actions this means it assumes that we actually evaluate usefulness in ease of use of a technology when we develop an intention to use it and therefore actually use it the problem with that is that people are not entirely rational in their decision-making and not entirely rational in their behavior either so not everything that we do is planned a reason the

theory doesn’t really account for this for example you may remember when the first iPhone came out and people started to camp in front of the Apple store in order to get a hold of that technology none of these people were very very few of them had the chance to actually trial the technology of that new iPhone prior to that so they couldn’t have actually known about the usefulness or ease of use of the iPhone but very clearly all of them had an intention to actually buy and get one of these iPhones and use them so

that can’t really be called the reasoned action based on an evaluation of the technology a second limitations of the theory is that it doesn’t tell us unfortunately how to make technology easy to use or useful in other words it doesn’t give us any design advice how we should build better technology other than this very general statement of make sure it’s useful and make sure it’s easy to use I’m pretty sure that all technology is designed to that extent but as we all know not all technology’s actually useful are actually easy to use which is why there are no alternative theories that suggest different reasons why people adopt new technology for example based on the expectations that they form about the technology and whether these expectations are then confirmed or dis confirmed when they engage with the technology this shows that every theory is good at explaining something and not so good at explaining other things tam is no different you

Audi Lighting Technology – “Illuminating the Future”

in the absence of light there is but only darkness reflected light is the only way we see the world around us the quality efficiency and delivery method of light

determines how accurately we process the information our I see so for Audi light is everything since headlights were lit with fire to the tungsten filament bulb OD has had its place at the forefront of auto light technology usually deriving from innovations made for

its professional race teams outies latest tech keeps it in a leadership position with Zenon technology having peaked some time ago most people now know of the advantages in LED light better efficiency lifespan quality of light but when other car makers could only show

concepts how D was the first to market with LED headlights in the 2010 r8 and that moment sparked the beginning of a new revolution in auto lighting which out he calls the matrix LED system matrix LED headlights on the a8 contained 50 small LEDs which are individually and automatically

controlled by the vehicle’s onboard sensors blinding light from an oncoming Audi vehicle can be a thing of the past as the matrix LED system tracks the vehicle selectively turns off the LEDs just inside the oncoming vehicles field of view and seamlessly turns them back on as the vehicle exits the lights line-of-sight matrix LED headlights can also be linked to GPS and adjust

lighting direction to the curvature of the road this isn’t just hypothetical concept tech outside the US it’s innovation available right now never satisfied with the status quo outtie is a leader in the effort to bring this groundbreaking tech in the US and in typical Audi fashion innovation doesn’t stop and wait for the world to catch up instead

outtie is investing in even newer forward-thinking like technology laser lighting matrix laser light takes the matrix concept further by promising increased efficiency precision and rode distance vision never before thought possible while LED headlights have up to 50 segments to individually control Laser headlights can have over 100,000 individually controlled illuminated segments for ultimate precision imagine not just being able to warn a pedestrian of the vehicles presence but being able to detect a potential outside hazard to the pedestrian and digitally paint a warning directly in front of them that along with doubling nighttime visibility are just some of the ways laser light continues the Audi tradition of pioneering the auto industry this is the future illuminated this is out

Technology with Computer & Electronics Engineering

I like the fact that it was a challenge.  That’s what I liked most about it.  It’s common — it’s very common actually for me to be here late  at night, 10:00 at night, 11:00.  I’m very okay with it. 

For some reason, I don’t know why, I like to torture myself.  [Background Music] I’m from Boonton,  New Jersey, and my major is a Bachelors in Electronics  and Computer Engineering Technology. 

There is a big stereotype that women can’t do math, or can’t,  you know, work with high tech stuff.  But I’ve taken the hardest level math course in this —  that this school offers, and I’m here  to attest that that’s not true.  In this major, basically with the computers,  we do a lot of digital programming. 

Without them we’ll do basic circuitry design, and actual —  actually building circuits.  >> [Inaudible].  >> Yep, the number of pixels that it’s seeing  so that we will be able to judge how far away the object is.  This major is definitely a mix between theory and lab —  one hour of theory and three hours of lab. 

That’s why I liked it.  That’s why I came here.  I learn a lot better doing.  My project is an autonomous color tracking robot.  Autonomous meaning that it doesn’t have a remote control.  Nothing is controlling it except for itself.  Color tracking basically will follow a specific color  that you choose, in this case I chose red. 

And then robot is just the, you know, thing that goes along  with it is working on its own.  It was a previous student’s project that I took  and just improved — made, you know, made it better.  It has a camera right in the front of it  that actually does track colors.  It takes JPEG pictures very, very quickly, actually. 

It has its own micro controller right on it,  so basically it’ll just send to the other micro controller  that I have on here how many pixels of that color that I see.  And then that other micro controller just controls  the wheels basically.  Had to make a bunch of I guess you could call it contingency  plans — what to do if this happens,  what to do if that happens. 

Running into objects was also a problem which I fixed  and added sensors to it so it wouldn’t do that anymore.  My professors did tell me that it was very well done.  Over winter break, I reverse engineered the existing robot  that they had.  The reward for completing this major I think is having  job security. 

And I actually do have a job, you know, for after I graduate.  The position that I got is a System Application Engineer.  I wouldn’t be able to do that job without being here first,  so they are relying on the skills  that I learned here to do the job.  I’m very, very happy that I got it.  Definitely another challenge conquered.

The future work force and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is taking over a lot of tasks that have traditionally required human intervene. This process of automation, of course, means the future could hold less and less for the unskilled and more demand for the sound skilled design engineers.

In reality, John McCarthy pioneered in the specialized field of artificial intelligence. They understood this to make an AI; they have to delve deeper into natural intelligence first. Let’s introduce us to some the key approaches to artificial intelligence. Also, It has helped within the research linked to artificial intelligence and understanding the human brain. Please note some other do attribute this title to Minsky.

Some scientists think that human intelligence isn’t pure logic and has an enormous quantity of fuzziness. It’s not correct to even endeavor to recreate information. Intelligence was perceived to be considered an issue was solving ability. Artificial intelligence can aid in initiating actions dependent on the information provided.

This theory claims the human mind is quite much like that of computers, so far as information processing and analysis can be involved. Instrumentation control is among the most crucial applications of computers. Software programs which may predict trends within the stock market have been created, which have been known to beat humans regarding predictive power. Technology has advanced at great speeds during the last decade as well as the military would like to push forward and begin creating some form of artificial intelligence machines that can have the capacity to go to war themselves.

Qualitative differences are much harder to substantiate. Use of the color shows an overall escalation in intelligence and alacrity. Due to the invigorating effects, mild doses of the color are given advice alongside appropriate levels of blue and green colors for therapeutic use generally speaking. Optimal distribution and upkeep of various colors around the body is essential for its usual functioning.

These processor nodes are many times referred as neurodes with the purpose to indicate a connection with the neurons of the mind. The idea supporting the scheme is going to be to create a robot which not just only have human abilities but also have artificial intelligence within it. Quite simply, AI permits the computer to consider like humans. So according to an individual situation, AI systems react and manage the task to address the problem.

Genetic testing will end up being beneficial for many. By understanding their genetics, you can be necessary changes within their lifestyle, habits, and mannerisms to better their health. Technological developments are indeed coming. Technology plays a pivotal function in bringing transitional shifts in the lifestyle of humans all around the world.
The utilization of vectors increases the efficiency of the vaccine because of their inherent ability to invigorate the immune system. Modern-day techniques have enabled a better comprehension of the body including cancer in the molecular level opening up a plethora of choices for vaccine development. The tumor cell is the greatest source of antigens, particularly when specific antigens never have been (or can’t be) identified and purified.

There are certain traits related to each number an individual belonging to it is believed to possess. It truly is against ethics to generate replicas of human beings. Mostly features and attributes associated with the structure and also to function.

Freelance Interactive Media Partners

There are various uses of media and related interactive mediums in electronic form. Advertising businesses are always searching for creative and fashionable freelancers, and they’re always enthusiastic to employ outsourced designer for their projects rather than paying an in-house salary.

The original design of interactive courseware requires a little artistry and an understanding of pedagogy. Developing a prosperous company takes lots of skill together with imagination. You need to be artistic and creative to become a thriving animator. You are required to earn interactive media design degree, which encompasses each of the expertise that is certainly essential for a prosperous Flash designer.

You must go through the same strategies. Today, with using interactive and advanced gadgets, learning and imparting education was taken to some other level. It’s the only approach to tracking progress and generate suggestions for future branding exercises. It’s getting increasingly competitive out there, as one wants to begin learning the converged technology after it appears.

There are some audio engineering courses obtainable in music schools. Moreover, in a web-based interactive media design degree program, you do not attend any campus classes. You need to work in some organisation and polish your skills before you’re finally able enough to begin your own software business. It’s possible for You to Earn an internet interactive media design degree and start making progress.

Where to Find Interactive Media Freelancers

You may want to know more about the several types of advertising also. Online marketing has emerged among the most forward-looking mediums for organisations to market their services and products. This is the most recent boom in internet advertising. Branding in an interactive medium has a great strategy to use. Besides the obvious sites such as and you can effectively use forums or listings on sites like gum tree and craigslist

This type of advertising was innovated to manage the clutter of internet advertising. Creative industries like an advertisement, public relations, journalism and a lot more require this kind of rich media. Art and literary works started to be copied and preserved with digital media. These quickly grab attention compared to the other types of online advertising.

Forward-thinking marketing managers should assess which instruments to use and the manner to use them. Another significant benefit of interactive advertising is the fact that people before buying a particular item prefer to read about the efficiency of that item, which is available through article reviews. They may be made to believe that should they don’t use the thing, they’re not elite. A marketing and communications program can allow you to get your job off to an excellent start.

These questions might be reviewed. An interactive website lets you take up a conversation using your customer that develops into a connection.

In that way, you’d be representing your company to a bigger and audience that has deep roots in the specific industry which you’re working in. Having the correct idea and the proper vision to execute it will usually create a prosperous organisation. The real key to your success would remain quality-work and advanced ideas. It’s an effective way of communicating the worth of merchandise or service with people at large.

Banner stands thus end up being direct-action advertising tool. Branding isn’t just logo along with a screaming brand name. It gives a big gulf of chances for the ones who prefer to produce a memorable brand identity.

Product Videos that help sell in Ecommerce



Product videos are explainer videos which explain the features and benefits of certain commodities.  These can be detailed Videos that highlight the features about the product with explanation or models or animations or something as simple as the Amazon Product Videos showing a product 360.

They significantly increase conversion rates by providing engaging and creative narratives which greatly appeal to the target market, thus encouraging them to consider buying the commodities being advertised.

Why and how good product videos help to increase sales

Product videos improve conversion rates in the following ways:

  1. They enable you to reach out to numerous people across the world within a few hours and without necessarily spending a lot of money in marketing efforts.
  2. Unlike other methods, product videos enable you to pass promotional messages more effectively. This is because they appeal to more than one sense (sight and hearing).
  3. People who watch videos generally have to spend a few minutes doing that, and this significantly increases chances of them remembering what they heard and watched.
  4. They make it possible for you to win the confidence and trust of your intended audience, since they appreciate the effort, time and financial resources needed to package promotional content in the form of videos.
  5. Product videos are more persuasive than many other types of content. They appeal to the brains’ auditory and visual systems, which results in the formation of emotional bonds with the target audience that will influence their buying actions and choices.
  6. High rankings on search engines: according to experts, if a web page consists of a video, then this factor increases chances of it appearing on the 1st page of search engines by 53 times. A good product video is considered as a trump card in search engine optimization.

What constitutes a good product video?

The following are factors that must be taken into consideration when creating a product video:

  1. Determine your target audience

It’s very important to target specific segments of the market because it makes it easier for you to have meaningful conversations’ with them. This also enables you to produce content that addresses their unique needs, aspirations and challenges.

  1. Identify where your content will fit in the buying cycle

There are 5 main buying cycles, a) discovery b) interest c) consideration d) purchase e) conversion.

  1. Give a narrative that consists of customer- centric examples (such as; customers’ success stories, ROI comparisons, case studies/ scenarios, reviews/ best practice summaries and solution briefs, among others).
  2. The video should be attractive/ appealing.
  3. Have a superior script.
  4. Precision: go straight to the point.
  5. Communicate brand value.
  6. Use great music as well as superior voice-over.
  7. Request viewers to share the product video with others.
  8. It should end with a call to action.

I have past experience in creating HD product videos for clients. Although this is something hardly utilised to full effect by companies locally, a lot of New Zealand companies can benefit by going one up on the competition as they are the closest a customer on the internet can get to your product without actually touching or feeling them.

An example of my crews work can be seen in the HQ product videos for mens rings in nz that I have made for a client.

Current Trends in Interactive Media


Even if you have spent years in digital media, going back to the college will enhance your chances of employment. The best part is that you’ll be exposed to other career options that you may be unaware of. With all this, you also undergo an intense industry field placement within the course duration, which dramatically increases your employment likelihood.<br>
Various colleges can give you the chance to upgrade your knowledge and opportunities and skills to switch or advance your career. You will be connected to professionals working in similar, other or related industries. It’s never too late to progress and learn.<br>
This particular sector already employs thousands of artists, storytellers, creative thinkers and technologists. The sector is expected to grow leaps and bounds in the years to come, opening doors to plenty of innovative job opportunities. There are no set academic requirements to seek an entry to the world of work but most professionals are graduates.<br>
Do you know interactive media combines design, art and technology? It’s a specialized field that employs artists, writers and creative thinkers who have advanced skills in digital storytelling, programming, graphics and visual designing.<br>
A media management program will leverage your existing skills as well as equip you with new skills, preparing you for careers in content production, digital strategy, digital project management, and media development. You will also acquire effective narrative and managerial skills, with an in-depth understanding of industry, processes, job roles, documentation and technology selection.<br>
It is about understanding the aspects of human-media interaction; conceiving an ideology; and developing it into a program or application for information, entertainment or any other specific purpose. It means the ready product can be anything, including a video game, an animation or a mobile app.<br>
With constantly advancing interactive technology and new media innovations almost every day, it’s become difficult for businesses to keep up. They are continuously on a lookout for talented professionals who not only possess sound technical skills but also understand the human psyche. Interactive media is all about human-media interaction.<br>
The rise of smart phones and tablets has brought gaming, education, travel guides, navigation apps and other interactive applications into our pockets. It further resulted in personalized marketing, which ultimately led to a significant increase in the need for interactive media professionals.<br>
Completing an interactive media management program can really boost your career. Even if you have spent years in digital media, going back to the college will enhance your chances of employment.<br>
Completing an interactive media management program can really boost your career. Qualifications also play a critical role in your selection for a job or career advancement.<br>
With constantly advancing interactive technology and new media innovations almost every day, it’s become difficult for businesses to keep up. Interactive media is all about human-media interaction.<br>
Interactive media management is not only about developing interactive media products. Rather it is about creating the overall look and feel, with the use of graphics, text, sound, animation and visual effects, to enhance the user experience.<br>
It further resulted in personalized marketing, which ultimately led to a significant increase in the need for interactive media professionals.

The Different Types Of 3d Animation Software 

Other than cartoons, computer animations can be found almost anywhere else. If you’re watching a television commercial, the graphics used there are done using computer animation, almost every effective advertisement on TV today are made using animation programs.

There are several types of 3d animation software. For users who have no prior experience in computer modeling and animation, the beginner level programs are recommended. A good thing about entry level animation programs is that because they are simple enough, they do not cost much.

When a person thinks of computer animation, the word is almost automatically linked to cartoons for children. If you think about it, computer animation has more applications than for entertainment purposes. You need to get the right 3d animation software and a lot of practice if you are thinking of adding a talent for computer animation in your resume.

Now for the more advanced computer animator who wants to achieve an almost professional look to his animations, investing in advanced level animation programs is a must. These programs are able to do the more complicated animation techniques like motion capture and they also have a more advanced physics engine so that their animations would behave almost like they were in the real world. There are some amateur animators, who despite just using the beginner-level animation programs, were able to churn out eye-dazzling animations; so the tools really does not matter as long as the one using it knows what to do.

Having 3d animation software, you also need to have a bit of imagination, patience and talent. There are some amateur animators, who despite just using the beginner-level animation programs, were able to churn out eye-dazzling animations; so the tools really does not matter as long as the one using it knows what to do.

He should move up to the intermediate level software if the person has mastered the use of beginner level animation programs and would like more functionality. Intermediate animation programs give more options for the computer animator to improve on his work. These programs allow for more control over the physics of the objects and more powerful rendering tools that can make the end product look better.

Now for the more advanced computer animator who wants to achieve an almost professional look to his animations, investing in advanced level animation programs is a must. These programs are able to do the more complicated animation techniques like motion capture and they also have a more advanced physics engine so that their animations would behave almost like they were in the real world.

If you are thinking of adding a talent for computer animation in your resume, then you need to get the right 3d animation software and a lot of practice.

Mobile touch screen technology

Do you know how tour mobile touch screen works? written by: Ravitej Touch screen hand held devices like smart phones and many touch screen enabled monitors have become common now days. Every one uses their gadgets like video game consoles,tablet computers but never thinks about how does a touch screen works. Here is the simple stuff you want to know at least for the knowledge sake.

The touch screen recognition technology simply works on 3 ways i.e. Resistive,Capacitive and the third one based on Surface acoustic wave technology which is little complex and complicated than the first two.

Resistive touch which is bit older than Capacitive is the most common and basic touch screen. Early mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia tried to use resistive touch screen. Even though these types of screens are easy to produce and cost less, their durability is low. Their lifetime is low due to more pressure applied during the use. The touch system consists of two yellow electrical layers one is resistive and other one is conductive. Based on the changes in the electric conduction at different location of the screen, the device carries out different functions. Now a days These resistive screen are commonly used bank ATMs, in supermarket billing screens.

Resistive touch can not to be used in different appliances due to certain limitations. They can not be used in high end devices like smartphones like iPhone that requires multiple finger touch to play games. That’s why a most of the high end gadgets uses capacitive touch as these screens detects the conduction at every point on the screen.

Capacitive screens unlike resistive touch don’t works based on the pressure of our finger that creates a change in the electric conduction. Instead, it uses capacitor technology that holds an electric charge to store. We also can find many electric charge particles on our skins. Capacitive touch screens are made up of Copper and Iridium oxides that acts as charge holder during the touch responses. During the touch process when we touch the screen at a point, a charge is transferred from our finger to complete the electric circuit, creating a point of voltage drop on the touch surface. That’s why our touch screens don’t respond when we operate with hand gloves as the gloves can’t hold the charge required for the response. At the voltage drop point software recognizes the change and performs the allotted function.

Other advantages over resistive touch are capacitive touch layers transmits 90% of the light from the screens whereas the resistive screen transmits only 78% of the produced light. It makes the capacitive screen more clear and bright contrast including clear colors ideal for video games consoles of high graphics.

The last type surface acoustic system uses two built in transducers one for receiving the touch response and other for sending it to the main processor.This system has no touch layers like resistive and capacitive have. This makes the 100% light transmission creating a perfect image quality. These types are bit costly and little heavy which are not suitable for the light high end devices like phones, video games consoles.

Even though many screen technologies are innovated and being developed the industry prefers to use capacitive touch due to its light weigh and low cost. As of now there is no touch technology available which can accommodate larger touch surface as the charges often interferes with each others.

How Can Product Videos And Interactive Media Lead To An Effective Branding Strategy 

Whether you are selling your services or products, the ubiquitous product videos can either make or break the moment for your potential customers. A genuinely brilliant product video both inspires and informs viewers to focus their entire attention to it.

With each year, video marketing seems to get bigger and bigger in the online marketing trend. If you are the owner of a small business, there’s a whole lot of compelling evidence which points that video marketing on the web should be your major focus in 2015 and onwards.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of a one minute video translates to roughly 1.8 million words or roughly 3,600 webpages. Now, writing 1.8 million words would require on an average one web page per hour or 150 days of writing.

A recent report by MarketingProfs revealed that 70% of online marketing professionals witnessed more conversions with effective productive videos. If these reasons are not enough to build your brand with product videos, here are four great reasons to join the bandwagon.

  1. Define your purpose

Would you prefer to read a lengthy book, or watch an interesting movie? This may vary from person to person, but as far as interactive videos are concerned, the average consumer will know you better through an interesting short video instead of scrolling through the never ending pages on your website. Videos can keep your audience glued. A defined purpose while creating a video will save you money, effort and time since you’ll be targeting your audience with simple messages. The videos, as a result, will be shorter and easily comprehensible. With targeted messages that are well-crafted, you’ll be on your way to get a better return on your investment.

  1. Know the stats well

If you don’t use interactive media like audio and visuals to promote your brand, know the facts and importance of product videos which have been outlined briefly at the beginning of the article. The amount of business owners who promoted their brand through powerful videos went up by 75% in 2014. A report by the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media stated that videos embedded in emails can be a robust tool, with 88% stating that email with integrated video enhances the performance of a campaign.

  1. Inform your target audience

While producing product videos and interactive media, you are not only marketing and building your brand, but also but also creating strong business relationships with your potential customers. Creating great videos and informing your audience about them builds trust and faith between you and your customers, which creates a huge following. This is one of the fastest and easiest techniques to inform your audience about your products and services.

  1. Hear back

Effective video marketing can help you get in touch with your target audience, and also hear from them what they like or dislike about your product or business. Your customers can also give you inputs what they want more from you. This helps you attune your brand to suit your demographic in a better way.

With more than 90% of people watching product videos for gaining a better understanding of the services and products, interactive media and videos have taken the world by storm and at present ruling the roost.