Product Videos that help sell in Ecommerce



Product videos are explainer videos which explain the features and benefits of certain commodities.  These can be detailed Videos that highlight the features about the product with explanation or models or animations or something as simple as the Amazon Product Videos showing a product 360.

They significantly increase conversion rates by providing engaging and creative narratives which greatly appeal to the target market, thus encouraging them to consider buying the commodities being advertised.

Why and how good product videos help to increase sales

Product videos improve conversion rates in the following ways:

  1. They enable you to reach out to numerous people across the world within a few hours and without necessarily spending a lot of money in marketing efforts.
  2. Unlike other methods, product videos enable you to pass promotional messages more effectively. This is because they appeal to more than one sense (sight and hearing).
  3. People who watch videos generally have to spend a few minutes doing that, and this significantly increases chances of them remembering what they heard and watched.
  4. They make it possible for you to win the confidence and trust of your intended audience, since they appreciate the effort, time and financial resources needed to package promotional content in the form of videos.
  5. Product videos are more persuasive than many other types of content. They appeal to the brains’ auditory and visual systems, which results in the formation of emotional bonds with the target audience that will influence their buying actions and choices.
  6. High rankings on search engines: according to experts, if a web page consists of a video, then this factor increases chances of it appearing on the 1st page of search engines by 53 times. A good product video is considered as a trump card in search engine optimization.

What constitutes a good product video?

The following are factors that must be taken into consideration when creating a product video:

  1. Determine your target audience

It’s very important to target specific segments of the market because it makes it easier for you to have meaningful conversations’ with them. This also enables you to produce content that addresses their unique needs, aspirations and challenges.

  1. Identify where your content will fit in the buying cycle

There are 5 main buying cycles, a) discovery b) interest c) consideration d) purchase e) conversion.

  1. Give a narrative that consists of customer- centric examples (such as; customers’ success stories, ROI comparisons, case studies/ scenarios, reviews/ best practice summaries and solution briefs, among others).
  2. The video should be attractive/ appealing.
  3. Have a superior script.
  4. Precision: go straight to the point.
  5. Communicate brand value.
  6. Use great music as well as superior voice-over.
  7. Request viewers to share the product video with others.
  8. It should end with a call to action.

I have past experience in creating HD product videos for clients. Although this is something hardly utilised to full effect by companies locally, a lot of New Zealand companies can benefit by going one up on the competition as they are the closest a customer on the internet can get to your product without actually touching or feeling them.

An example of my crews work can be seen in the HQ product videos for mens rings in nz that I have made for a client.

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