Road To Becoming a 25 Bravo, Information Technology Specialist

networking somehow speaking okay sir what are we doing today my name is Tom first class Kevin house do you have the t1 cable plugged in right now as a 25 Bravo information technology specialist in

the Army we do it all we do hardware we do software we do networking what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and write it race it this field information technology specialist was appealing because

it’s new it’s cutting edge technology is constantly changing so I want to be a part of that in the army I’ve developed a lot of different skills so I went through 17 weeks of training for information technology specialists then I went to my first duty assignment and then your duty assignments

you will learn more about the job because you’ll do more hands-on in the military you’re constantly being school a lot of training hands-on with some of the newest technology out there Microsoft Cisco the UNIX the army is keeping pace with the changes of technology this warehouse is full of old equipment that we’ve taken off the network I’ve been able to take advantage of a lot of these

certifications that are specific to my job the security plus certification from come ti the A+ certification the Network+ certification the mcitp specializing in Windows 7 client the MCTS the MCSA which is your Microsoft Certified system administrator with the amount of certifications I received while being in the Army paid for by the army I don’t think I would have any problem relating to

working with any company that was hiring an IT specialist or network analyst what I love most about my job is the fact that I’m working alongside some of the industry’s top level Network analysts and I’m performing that same job that they’re performing as a soldier the network that we’re working on is a huge network it’s worldwide and we’re dealing with over 1,300 recruited stations on a day to day basis

we take care of all the maintenance all of the troubleshooting the configuring the setting up and we do it on a daily basis and that keeps us pretty busy we’re on those front lines building those networks and making sure that our battle buddies can talk can communicate what we want to do is make sure we plug in port for X I plan to stay in the army and retire because this is just a very career I love it so I’m able to transition our army as we move along in the new technology phase and I’m one of the pioneers in that change and I’m making a difference

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