Scary Surveillance Technologies

Pre-Crime Cameras Thermal imaging cameras that monitor pulse rates & facial expressions of potential criminals. They recognise normal behaviour & alert human guides to suspicious activity.

. EyeSee mannequin Cameras fitted in the eyes of store mannequins record customer movements. The dummies help stores catch thieves & record customer demographics.

. Online Fantasy Games U.S. & British authorities use World of Warcraft avatars to monitor suspects. The games are used to identify, approach & locate potential terrorists.

. Laptops Monitor Facial Surveillance Researchers are creating laptops which recognise tiny facial expressions. They will monitor employee fatigue & conduct market research.

. IDair fingerprint monitor An in-development monitor that detects fingerprints from 20ft away. Allows the military to check identities from safety & replaces ID cards to access buildings.

. Offline Laptops Devices fitted to computers send out information even when they’re offline. The NSA fitted ,000 machines to devices that emitted data through radio waves.

. Laser Microphones Spies shine lasers at windows to capture sound vibrations. Used to find Bin Laden, a device catches reflections & translates them back to sound.

. ARGUS-IS A 1.8 gigapixel camera built for the Pentagon tracks individuals from 4 miles above. Attached to a UAV, it monitors movement over 40 sq km at a time.

. Spying household appliances The CIA use online smart appliances to track owners’ movements & location. Geolocation data can also be hacked into by thieves to work out times to break in.

. RFID Microchips A tiny chip implanted into the arm electronically tracks and identifies wearers. Created to monitor soldiers on the front line and help find Missing People.

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