Technology Acceptance Model

why do people use technology well one theory to explain this is called the technology acceptance model and that’s a model that tries to explain why people would choose to use a particular technology in a work context the
theory states that they do so because

they find the technology useful for the work and easy to use now to understand this theory you have to consider when was actually developed the theory was developed in the late 1980s when we had technologies such as email and word processing systems and

they could replace systems such as writing a letter by hand it’s important to understand that the theory says very little about the technology itself what it says a lot about is what we believe or what we perceive this technology to be in other words whether technology is actually useful or actually easy to use is not a matter of the technology but a matter of our perceptions and this may change obviously so

depending on how much experience you have how old you are what gender you are the perceptions of a particular piece of technology say Knife own say mobile device or a tablet computer changes not because the technology is different but because you and I are different now what are the limitations of the technology acceptance model number one it assumes that people plan their behavior and that

they’re rational in their actions this means it assumes that we actually evaluate usefulness in ease of use of a technology when we develop an intention to use it and therefore actually use it the problem with that is that people are not entirely rational in their decision-making and not entirely rational in their behavior either so not everything that we do is planned a reason the

theory doesn’t really account for this for example you may remember when the first iPhone came out and people started to camp in front of the Apple store in order to get a hold of that technology none of these people were very very few of them had the chance to actually trial the technology of that new iPhone prior to that so they couldn’t have actually known about the usefulness or ease of use of the iPhone but very clearly all of them had an intention to actually buy and get one of these iPhones and use them so

that can’t really be called the reasoned action based on an evaluation of the technology a second limitations of the theory is that it doesn’t tell us unfortunately how to make technology easy to use or useful in other words it doesn’t give us any design advice how we should build better technology other than this very general statement of make sure it’s useful and make sure it’s easy to use I’m pretty sure that all technology is designed to that extent but as we all know not all technology’s actually useful are actually easy to use which is why there are no alternative theories that suggest different reasons why people adopt new technology for example based on the expectations that they form about the technology and whether these expectations are then confirmed or dis confirmed when they engage with the technology this shows that every theory is good at explaining something and not so good at explaining other things tam is no different you

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