Technology with Computer & Electronics Engineering

I like the fact that it was a challenge.  That’s what I liked most about it.  It’s common — it’s very common actually for me to be here late  at night, 10:00 at night, 11:00.  I’m very okay with it. 

For some reason, I don’t know why, I like to torture myself.  [Background Music] I’m from Boonton,  New Jersey, and my major is a Bachelors in Electronics  and Computer Engineering Technology. 

There is a big stereotype that women can’t do math, or can’t,  you know, work with high tech stuff.  But I’ve taken the hardest level math course in this —  that this school offers, and I’m here  to attest that that’s not true.  In this major, basically with the computers,  we do a lot of digital programming. 

Without them we’ll do basic circuitry design, and actual —  actually building circuits.  >> [Inaudible].  >> Yep, the number of pixels that it’s seeing  so that we will be able to judge how far away the object is.  This major is definitely a mix between theory and lab —  one hour of theory and three hours of lab. 

That’s why I liked it.  That’s why I came here.  I learn a lot better doing.  My project is an autonomous color tracking robot.  Autonomous meaning that it doesn’t have a remote control.  Nothing is controlling it except for itself.  Color tracking basically will follow a specific color  that you choose, in this case I chose red. 

And then robot is just the, you know, thing that goes along  with it is working on its own.  It was a previous student’s project that I took  and just improved — made, you know, made it better.  It has a camera right in the front of it  that actually does track colors.  It takes JPEG pictures very, very quickly, actually. 

It has its own micro controller right on it,  so basically it’ll just send to the other micro controller  that I have on here how many pixels of that color that I see.  And then that other micro controller just controls  the wheels basically.  Had to make a bunch of I guess you could call it contingency  plans — what to do if this happens,  what to do if that happens. 

Running into objects was also a problem which I fixed  and added sensors to it so it wouldn’t do that anymore.  My professors did tell me that it was very well done.  Over winter break, I reverse engineered the existing robot  that they had.  The reward for completing this major I think is having  job security. 

And I actually do have a job, you know, for after I graduate.  The position that I got is a System Application Engineer.  I wouldn’t be able to do that job without being here first,  so they are relying on the skills  that I learned here to do the job.  I’m very, very happy that I got it.  Definitely another challenge conquered.

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